9th Annual Nordic Shared Services, BPO and GBS Summit

7-9 November, Stockholm. Driving next level process excellence and value creation in digital age: Robotic automation, process ownership & disruptive innovations

As the Nordic shared services, outsourcing and GBS industry continues to evolve, global process owners and shared services directors need to prove that today’s shared services offer more business value beyond cost saving. 

Nordic Shared Services, BPO & GBS Summit 2016, the largest and most comprehensive platform in the region, brings together innovators who are pushing their SSCs ahead in both technology adoption and strategy optimisation to deliver next level cost saving and strategic value creation.

The Nordic region harbours some of the world's most innovative companies that are preceding by piloting many of the game-changing technologies currently emerging to optimize their service delivery within their Shared Service Centres. These technologies are one of the key focus points of the 2016 event, others include exploring the benefits of RPA, enabling transformation through digitalization, moving towards GBS and delivering next level end-to-end process excellence.

This is your opportunity to find out how others are harnessing the explosive impact from disruptive technologies and breaking down barriers to become true business partners.

The Nordic Shared Services, BPO & GBS Summit takes place on 7 - 9 November 2016, in Stockholm, Sweden. Find the agenda, event details and registration information about the Summit at http://www.nordicsharedservices.com

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