Norway and Saudi Arabia

The underwater defence and security exhibition and conference, now in its 28th year, will take place in Oslo June 1 through 3. Innovative technologies and developments in one of the harshest environments known to man, is centre stage. Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) brings together professionals from the military, industry and academia. For more information visit UDTs website Read more

Photo: Asgeir Helgestad/

On May 17, 1814 Norway's constitution was signed at Eidsvoll Verk. The tradition of celebrating the constitution day did not start immediately, per objection of the King of the Swedish-Norwegian Union. Norway remained under Swedish rule until 1905. Contemporary celebrations of May 17 are largely a family celebration that consists of children’s parades, concentrated around primary schools... Read more

The annual European Film Festival concluded Monday April 25 with the viewing of the Norwegian documentary S iblings are forever. Set at the picturesque Italian Cultural Club, the venue closely resembled that of an outdoor cinema. The European Film Festival is an important cultural contribution to Jeddah, running for 10 consecutive days every spring. Hosted by numerous EU countries – with the... Read more

Have you ever wondered what the sunset might look like from space? Less than a month ago a number of satellites belonging to the European Space Association photographed Norway from space. One of the photos (seen above) depicts the sun setting over Svalbard, an island north of mainland-Norway. Also known as the home of polar bears, Svalbard is covered by snow and ice large parts of the year.... Read more

Photo: Colour Synesthesia VII, 2015 by Anne K Senstad.

Views, “an exhibition featuring the work of over 50 local and international artists” opens today at Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa. In collaboration with nationally recognized galleries, Views “aims to celebrate and exemplify the unique and diverse artistic community in Bahrain”. One of the international artists featured in the exhibition is Norwegian Anne K Senstad. As a multidisciplin Read more

Today we celebrate the International Women’s day. A global tradition since 1975, March 8 seeks to highlight women’s struggles and rights worldwide. On the international stage , under the leadership of the UN, March 8 2016 aims to implement the UN sustainability goals, namely the eradication of poverty, combating inequality and stopping climate change by 2030. In addition to gender specific goal... Read more

Once again, Norway was represented at King Faisal Int'l School's annual international day. Decorated with delicious (and of course edible) Norwegian waffles, Kviklunsj, the classic tursjokolade (hiking chocolate) and grøt - our own special rice porridge - the stand far from lacked in the food department. Books on vikings, Munch, folk costumes and the Norwegian oljeeventyr (oil and gass... Read more

Den norske ambassaden i Riyadh søker politisk praktikant for våren 2017. Søknadsfrist er 30. september 2016, med tiltredelse februar 2017. Oppholdets varighet er seks måneder. Read more

The Norwegian seabed seismic company Magseis has secured itself a significant part of a billion-kroner contract. Norwegian Magseis has in partnership with the Chinese seismic company BGP signed a significant contract with the state-owned oil company Aramco in Saudi Arabia. The contract concerns Aramco’s project in the Red Sea, where Magseis will be responsible for the seabed examination. The... Read more

‘The crisis in Syria is having unspeakable consequences for millions of people in Syria and its neighbouring countries. The best way we can help is by providing direct assistance in Syria and the region. For this reason, Norway is now increasing its aid to Syria and the region to NOK 2.4 billion for 2016. We intend to maintain this high level of assistance and will provide a total of around NOK... Read more