Intensifying efforts to promote gender equality and women's rights

The fundamental aim of Norway's gender equality efforts is to increase the opportunities available to women and girls, promote their right to self-determination, and further their empowerment.

Norway has a long tradition of working for women's rights and gender equality, and in September 2016, the Government launched a new action plan for this work: Freedom, empowerment and opportunities

The Action Plan sets out five objectives. Norway will work to promote:

  • inclusive and equitable equality education for all girls and boys
  • women's equal participation in political life
  • full economic rights for women and equal opportunities for women to participate in the labour market
  • the elimination of violence and harmful practices against girls and women
  • sexual and reproductive health and rights for girls and women.

Progress in all these areas is crucial if girls and women are to have the freedom, power and opportunities to shape their own lives. 'Gender equality and women's rights are key to promoting development. A new era requires new answers, and we are now modernising our approach to these issues. I am therefore pleased to present a new ambitious Action Plan for Women's Rights and Gender Equality in Foreign and Development Policy,’ said Minister of Foreign Affars, Børge Brende.

In connection with the Action Plan, Norway is establishing a new gender equality for development programme called 'LIKE'. Under the programme, Norway will provide expertise and promote cooperation in the field of gender equality, with a view to making aid in this area more effective. The advocacy group for global gender equality is made up of representatives from the private sector, the academic community, civil society and the social partners, which will strengthen Norway's gender equality team.

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