Cross-regional group met next Secretary-General to discuss UN agenda

Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, New Zealand and Norway met Secretary-General-Designate Mr. António Guterres and his transition team in New York, 3 November.

The eight countries form a cross-regional group that has discussed UN reform issues and the agenda of the next UN Secretary-General for 1.5 year. The group has developed and agreed upon an agenda for global leadership. This is a set of recommendations and proposals on a range of issues.

In the meeting with Mr. Guterres the group discussed how it can support the next Secretary-General and his team in the coming months.


The UN70 initiative’s five recommendations for the next Secretary-General:

1. Be your own boss: invest in your relationship with member states but be independent.

2. Be our number one diplomat: use all diplomatic tools available.

3. Be our chief global activist: be the champion and cheerleader of the sustainable development goals and the implementation of the Paris agreement.

4. Be the advocate for the world’s 65 million displaced people: promote a stronger, more coherent approach to achieve durable solutions to major refugee and migration flows

5. Be a leader in integrating human rights into all UN activities: ensure the promotion of gender equality as part of the human rights culture in the UN system.


Mr. Guterres will become Secretary-General on 1 January 2017. He was formally appointed to the position 13 October 2016 after a unanimous recommendation from the Security Council. Mr. Guterres is former Prime Minister of Portugal and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Foreign Ministers and Vice-Ministers last met to discuss the agenda of the next UN leader during a high-level event in New York 22 September. Read the summary here.

Read the joint statement at the informal meeting with the Secretary-General-designate António Guterres, 19 October 2016.

Follow the debate on Twitter and the hashtag #UN70initiative

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