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Norway is an exciting country that offers visiting students and researchers unique experiences, both at its universities and in their free time.

Internationalisation is a priority within all sectors of the Norwegian education system, and universities and university colleges are constantly working to facilitate for international students. Every year, Norwegian higher education institutions receive over 10 000 qualified foreign students. International students may apply for admission to a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.

Norway has eight accredited universities, nine accredited specialized university institutions, 22 accredited university colleges, two accredited national colleges of the arts and several private institutions of higher education with either institutional- or programme accreditation. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs cut across numerous disciplines. Find your next degree here.

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The majority of Norwegian universities and state university colleges are publicly funded and the Norwegian government considers access to higher education for all to be an important part of the Norwegian society. Thus, as a rule Norwegian state universities and university colleges do not charge tuition fees. This also applies to foreign students

Programmes and courses with tuition fees
Most private institutions have tuition fees for all their programmes and courses. But the fees are usually significantly lower than those of comparable studies in most other countries. Also, foreign students don't pay higher tuition fees than Norwegian students.

Application forms, if necessary, should be requested from individual institutions. All applications should then be sent directly to the specific institution. For institutions with an online application portal, carefully fill in the requested details and submit.

In order to obtain the necessary application forms and information about the application deadlines you will have to contact each university or university college. In general, the application deadline for foreign students is between December 1 to March 15 for courses starting the following autumn (August). Please note that some institutions have separate "pre-qualification" deadlines that are earlier than this.

Student residence permit
All students who plan to stay in Norway for more than three months will need a Student Residence Permit. Requirements and procedures depend on your current country of residency. Visas are only issued for stays up to 90 days (e.g. for certain Summer School programmes). Please, carefully read the regulations as to avoid problems during the application process. For complete information, click here.

International Summer School

The international summer schools in Norway offer a great opportunity to meet students from all over the world in beautiful surroundings.

A number of summer school programs are offered throughout Norway. Norwegian language courses are offered at both the University og Oslo (UiO) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Courses in other subjects are also offered at the following institutions.

University of Oslo summer school

Norwegian Business School summer school

Norwegian University of Science and Technology summer school

Oslo and Akershus University College 

All summer courses include a variety og social and cultural activities.

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