Entry Visa type D

Entry visa for applying for / waiting for a decision on an application for family immigration.

If you wish to obtain a permit for family immigration, you must, as a rule have been granted a residence permit before entering Norway. However, in certain circumstances you may be allowed to enter and stay in Norway before a permit has been granted. In such case, you must obtain an entry visa if you are subject to the visa requirement – a visa for applying for or waiting for a decision on family immigration. Such a visa will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

If the entry visa is granted, the applicant can submit the application for family immigration at the police in Norway. The police will be authorized to process the application and the processing time will be significantly reduced. Being granted an entry visa has no bearing on the outcome of your application for family immigration.

In Circular 2013-001 you will find detailed information about this entry/7-day D-visa, including the conditions for being granted a D-visa.

How to apply
Register an application for a Schengen C-visa at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riyadh at Application Portal Norway, pay the fee and print out the Cover letter. Gather the rest of the supporting documents. Contact the Embassy in Riyadh and schedule an appointment for submitting the application for the D-visa and a possible interview.

Supporting documents
If you haven't already submitted your application for family immigration, you must submit all the documents on the relevant checklist for family immigration. In addition, you have to submit the three last pay slips and the last tax report of the reference, and a statement from the reference describing your relationship. Please do not submit the documents required for a C-visa application when applying for a D-visa.

For more information about the new requirements for financial support and housing, click here.

Processing time
The case processing time in D-visa cases is up to 2 months.  

Information about other residence permits in Norway, please see the web pages of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI):  https://www.udi.no/en/

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