How to apply

As with applications for Schengen-visas, applications for residence permits must also be registered in the application portal.

How to apply on the Portal?

Applicants who are using the Norwegian Application Portal for the first time must register as users. Existing users can simply log in. First time applicants must do the following:

  1. Access the Application Portal  
  2. Click on 'Create user account'.
  3. Select 'Help me choose application form' or the appropriate application form directly (from the 'Available application forms' menu).
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to submit the application.
  5. Show up at the Embassy at the appointed time in order to submit the relevant documents, give fingerprints and have a picture taken for the application (biometrics).  

Users will be guided through the application process.

Please ensure that personal details recorded in the application are identical to those in your passport.

Using the Application Portal you will also have to pay the visa application fee of €60/300SAR.

Please remember to print the receipt and your application, which should be signed, before logging off.

When you come to the embassy for your appointment, you need to bring your application (6 pages) with you.  The application will not be submitted, if these forms are not present.

Supporting documents

In order to apply for a visa/permit, you are required to submit a number of documents. Further information regarding required documents for Schengen Visa can be found on the Embassy's Visa Section / link til visumsidene. For family immigration, see link til familieinnvandring, and for all other applications, please see Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

For additional information, please visit the Application Portal.     

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